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Senvo International

Senvo International Corporation (Private) Limited is the arm as the holding company under which the following companies are listed


Our company is into software design and development, and we design as per your requirement from scratch. We design online software solutions based on your requirement from scratch. From Website/app development, Database maintenance to SEO, Content writing to Server security, Creative video animation to logo design, and many other services, we have all the solutions.

Pet Industry

Sri Lanka ranks 8th for the search term Dogs and 10th for the search term Dog among 195 countries around the world for the past five years. Hence is the potential of the search term in Sri Lanka.

Similarly, for search term cats, Sri Lanka ranks 12th, and for the search term cat, Sri Lanka ranks 16th. Hence, a huge potential for the industry on cats.

The pet industry in Sri Lanka comprises 85% of dogs & cats, creating the largest market scope out in the Pet Industry surpassing all other pet categories and proving to further dominate expectably to 90%.


Our company is operating a new venture related to startups. The venture is called the STARTUPS WEBSITE. We concentrate on existing potential startups or non-initialized new idea venture startups for market access to find potential buyers and sellers, which involves idea conceptualization to the end of the cycle. And also help in creating an opportunity to exhibit their ventures/concepts.


Among the searches done for the term book “by 195 countries in the world, Sri Lanka ranks second place in the world” (for the five years term). The term is one of the most searched words on the internet where Sri Lanka surpasses all the economies (by GDP) like USA, China, Japan, Germany, and India, and has a huge possibility of ranking high in the search engines. We are making it as an integrated system.

Real Estate

Our company is into real estate business, and we sell and buy land for our company. Adding to it, if anybody wants to purchase land, then they can reach us to purchase it and vice versa. You can place the enquiry on our website and one of our agents will join you shortly.

Having an anchorage as a dealer & agent

Our company is a dealer / agent with well-known brands which collaborated in Sri Lanka (Litro gas, Honda, and Allianz insurance) for a long period. We are having ties and working on par with the following companies for the long term.

• Litro Gas is the country’s largest importer and supplier of LP gas.
• The starting point of Honda, where Stafford Motor Co. (Pvt) Ltd. is achieving the goal of providing joy and satisfaction to the riders.
• Allianz is a strong brand for resilience, quality, and trust.

Our company stands strong with these companies abiding their policies in delivering ultimate customer satisfaction. We are working in par with them and they have contributed to our presence as a two way process.

Pet Breeding

We have a quality breeding stock of Chihuahua dogs and Persian Cats. We have these Chihuahua dogs and Persian Cats selected with the best trait characteristics. These have the best color combinations making them more attractive to look which are at our facility to breed and available at the specific time period. On average, there are 50 - 100 numbers on each successive year.