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CSR Projects of
Senvo International

Where, a mechanism by which Senvo International Corporation, hold to a set of legal, ethical, social, ecological standards on a plethora of divergence. Where, have made various significant initiatives and contributions for the betterment to enhance the values that we believe in.

Eye & Blood Donation Camps

We also do CSR projects, where we have done the biggest eye and blood donation campaigns in Sri Lanka. Also, our company is involved in free food and drinks giveaway for the gathering every year annually during this meritorious activity.

During the period of war, where there was a civil crisis and loss of blood, and the whole human population in Sri Lanka was suffering, we contributed through our blood and eye donations when the demand was high, and supply was low.

The number of donors per day for donating blood and eyes are limited during the civil war crisis, but we made a significant contribution with 3000 donors per day for the blood donation and 2000 donors per day for the eye donation during the civil war crisis period. The project recorded the highest number of eye and blood donors within a single day.

Religious Activities – Land Donation

And also, we have donated a land, which is less than 1 acre at Ratnapura, to build a temple wherein that particular area people were not having a temple and have no access to a place for conducting religious activities. We do this because we believe that every person under democratic policies should be treated equally and not only must be treated equally but must also have access to the needs and wants at all levels. "Providing a chance for each person to be treated equally – hence we initiated the website".

Our company is also involved in different social causes and various forms of social benefits. We have contributed to constructing public resources for the benefit of people based on our contribution capacity.