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Chairman Message
Senvo International

Chairman Message

In the beginning, when I started this company, I too faced challenges as any other startup. If I happen to say when it comes to managing finances, managing risks, putting marketing sales on the back seat, building the right team, dealing with competition, lack of proper planning with the majority of the startups failing and experienced.

A dream of ideas of constant zeal for changing lives coming alive embarked, wherewith great passion and an opportunity ceased is how Senvo International Corporation was born. Our aim at building Senvo International Corporation was to create an entity creating constant improvements in creating a new scope to improve the lives of people, where one of my favourite quotes from Benjamin Franklin says "Diligence is the mother of good luck.", which I truly believe.

A culture with strong ethics means we are honest, we operate with integrity and we are transparent in our decisions and actions. Ethics help foster a safe and engaging workplace that positively influences our relationships with stakeholders.

We all share a culture with strong ethics, responsibilities maintaining integrity for operating with true transparency embedded with strong visionary outcomes creating positivity in changing lives not only, but meaningful truly win-win situations leaving a legacy that is remembered for years.

In a world that demands quick adaptation in order to stay abreast of what is going on, it is important to embrace a holistic approach in dealing with many things in life, especially when one is in position to lead. You cannot just be a visionary leader, you have also got to be a practical one.

Sajith Perera
Founder & Chairman
Senvo International Corporation