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Senvo International

Holding company reinvention

We calculate the profits from the values we impart through commitment,dedication and synergy effect, thereby profits will be generated through multiplier effect


We are not just a holding company but ours is a dream company with dedication, passion, and commitment to achieving a change that will bring about a mega effect on the people working and on the people surrounded by us.
We unite our employees under one umbrella of our holding company where we have diversified our presence into different sectors of the industry only through the strong presence of our holding company. We established ourselves as a startup holding company established in the year 2020.
Reinventing a holding company is nothing but re-establishing the strong presence of policies, objectives, and plans of the company within the employees as well as its stakeholders.

We have secured a safer position for investments from our partners, where we successfully carry out our mission in our day to day activities and work on the path to success to achieve the vision of our company someday.
To our credibility, we have different projects, which also caters to the welfare and development of our employees. Since our inception, we have contributed significantly to the welfare of society and its development.
Our work culture is one of the best in the industry where preference is given to fresh bloods and making them stand out from the crowd by transforming them into workaholics in a smart way. We give equal importance to everyone and deploy equal employment. You will love working in our office at one of the best ambience.

Vision, Mission & Values of SENVO International Corporation (PVT) LTD.

Our business is based on a nonrandom foundation with long lasting values we can rely on.


“Diversifying / spreading into an array of sectors creating disruptive new opportunities for the betterment of the lives of stakeholders where creating and changing the phases becoming a future forerunner as a leading diversified company.”

Core Values

• Faith and belief
• Productivity and Sustainability
• Upheaval and brilliance
• Morality and Coherence
• Teamwork and aspiration
• Association and Social responsibility Modesty


• We aim to be the best employer in the industry, creating, carrying on, and intensifying the work environment, which is top-notch quality best practice.
• We have a talent paced environment that captivates, recognizes, and holds on to international and local talents.
• A comprehensive CSR program developed to contribute to the society in which we operate.
• Establishing professionalism in order to nurture concentrated implementation within an environment that is nurtured ethically and builds a business network distinctive in the region.
• Creating shareholder value for the long term by investing only in particular handpicked projects.